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Commercial Roofing in Orange County, CA

At Cool Roofing Inc. we specialize in the installation and maintenance of commercial roofs and cool roofing systems in the areas of Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego County. Our Commercial roofing systems have proven to save our clients huge amounts of money, taxes savings, time and effort.

We cover all various aspects of your commercial roofing needs . So whether you are in need of a Cool Roof System, New Commercial Roof, Roofing Repairs, or a Re-Cover, we are here to assist you. We have hundreds of satisfied commercial roof clients in Southern California

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

• Cool Roofing Installations or Replacements • Manufacturer Approved Application

We also do the roofing installations, repairs, maintenance, & replacements for the following roof types:

• Single-ply Roofing
• All fluid applied systems like acrylics and silicon
• Metal Roofing
• Natural Slate Roofing
• Standing Seam Roofing
• Traditional Tile Roofs
• Asphalt Shingle Roofs
• Wood Shake or Composite Roofs

If you need a commercial cool roof system and have some questions, feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 794-8200.

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